Fallout, Vault 15: A New Begining

Session 2
A New Home

With the vault secure, the party heads out into the wastes to scout the location of the new town, Shady Sands, named for mid day shade from the nearby mountain peaks.

The waste seems a hostile place with many creatures warped by the nuclear war. but guns and technology seemed to prevail, sadly your companions, Rocko, Max Jr. and Mr Handy all fell in combat.

Returning from some dire encounters, the party then lead the residents of vault 15 to their new home where Aradesh used the Geck to create their new town.

The Geck helped make the new land fertile while creating simple abodes out of the nearby materials. Water, Mud and Rock.

The abodes and walls while appealing, are sturdy enough, and the ground softened.

outside of the walled city several structures were formed for ranch houses to hopefully farm and maintain live stock, while the inner city forms more of a social hub, for general living.

The party has been of course given free lodgings within the sands, and food during their stay.

A year has passed after the town was built, while the vault dwellers strive to making a living habitat, hunting the wildlife with mundane weapons and farming edible plants in the mountain region, life has not been easy.

A group of men have been trained to protect the town from wildlife, with knives or melee weapons, headed by a young man named seth, who watches the gate through most of the day.

Milestone XP: 500 xp (Forming shady sands)
Rp Bonus: 150 xp

Discussion Bonus: up to 200 xp
Adventure log: up to 500 xp

MVP: Frank

Waste land survivor, you were out in the wastes and survived, life out there has taught you a few things. as such you can choose one of the following benifits.

+10% to Outdoorsman

(this is a flat bonus that applies after your current skill like equipment)


A wasteland Companion

Somehow you have capture and trained one of the following:

A Rat
A Wild dog,
A Radroach
A Rad Scorpion
A Gecko

All stat blocks are balanced in some regard, so choose carefully.

Cal's log #1
things became interesting quick

I need to summarize my first log, I am afraid I don’t have time to write right now, we are leaving into the wastes. Well first off we woke up and discovered that we had to retake the GOAT exam, this made many people angry, after the exam I discovered we all god assigned to maintenance. When I first met my coworkers I did not like any of them, but as time went on I warmed up to one of them, his name is Tom, the only one who had my back in a fight that we had with Garl and his thugs, I would give reasoning for my actions of first blood, but like I said, I am in a hurry. Anyway long story short no one had my back but Tom, and I got my ass beat by 4 guys wailing on me, the rest of my coworkers were cowards. when I awoke I was in the infirmary, the guard asked me what happened, I replied " I fell" in order to not get Garl in trouble, I wanted the revenge for myself.

After that the Overseer called us to his office and asked us to go repair the power supply, the other workers never returned, this concerned me. But when he reunited me with my gun I was content on going. When we got down there, there was a lot of strange stuff going on, we managed to turn back on the power when a voice over the intercom said we were leaving the vault, this excited me, finally my dream of getting out of this place was happening. We were instructed to grab the GECK and get out, so we did just that, not without much difficulty,m for we were attacked many times in the process, by beasts and humans alike. when we got up to the rooms where everyone was gathering, we were informed that Garl and his father were behind the killing of the Overseer and fled into the wastes with our supplies. I wanted to go after them at that moment, but I figured I should stay with my new friend Tom, and for some reason he liked the other three we were with, I guess I might need them to survive.

Frank's Diary
Of Pipes and Roaches

It’s been a rough month, so rough that i felt that keeping this diary may be the only..‘civilized’ way of venting some of the stress i feel. God have things been moving so fast..I..I guess i better get going.

So about a month ago, I woke to the jingle of my pipboy telling me to report to the classrooms for ‘reassignment’. Everyone, apparently, got the same message and weren’t particularly thrilled. The Overseer, in all his wisdom, decided that people should be reassigned in preparation for the opening of the vault in the next 5 years..way to stir up an already tense vault but then again the Overseer never has been the sharpest tool in the box.

Anyway, I reported to the classroom, hearing the loud mutterings of disgruntled people on the way. After greeting my mum, I sat down and decided to do the same easy GOAT again..why we bother keeping this charade of fairness is beyond me. Afterwards I watched a bunch of guys playing pool, one of the guys, Matt (or..is it Tom?) managed to retain his rations for the week. Good for him. In the evening, i spent some more time working on Andy, I kinda know it’s fruitless, i’ll never get the parts i’ll need..but..it kept my sanity before i started writing this.

In the morning, we got our tests back. I won the prestigious job of vault technician..The same job I’ve been doing since i was a kid, what a surprise. Though not on the night shift.. totally not inconvenient. Most people though lost the jobs they had. Three of the guys assigned to my shift all had different jobs before, Felix was a freaking doctor! Matt (the same guy i watched earlier) was, apparently, a supervisor being groomed for the position of Overseer. Cal was the resident Roach hunter..it turned out that this job wasn’t so different from his last one..

Anyway, I heard later that Matt and Felix both protested their new jobs..must not have of gone anywhere, because both were on shift for our first night.

It was a routine job, go down and fix 3 burst pipes. The other 3 guys mostly watched as Harry and I fixed the first leak. On the way to the second, some bloody radroaches popped out of the vent, We quickly squashed the little buggers and i continued down the junction with Harry behind me. The other guys apparently ran the other way because after Harry and I squashed another batch of the little bastards, we realized the other guys weren’t with us. I was angry until we found the guys all chewed up and in a real bad way. They went back up while Harry and me finished the job. Some first night for the rookies.

Things were pretty uneventful until 3 days ago. We were in the elevator heading to our shift when the power shut off, way to go Overseer! For sending a bunch of untested randoms to keep our vitals going, I found out later that someone fucked around with the generator and purposely damaged it, but i digress. We were stuck in the elevator for hours, me and Harry tried to get it going again to no avail when we suddenly heard scratching on the other side.

We worked quickly to get the door open and instead of a rescue team we meet Garl and his bunch of cronies. I only know about Garl from reputation, a bully turned badass, the de jure leader of level 2. Before anyone else could gather there wits, Cal stepped out and threw a lightning-fast jab at Garl. I admit i froze stunned at what he did, the crazy bastard, as the others swarmed him and Felix, still reading that damn book at the door. Cal was quickly swamped and knocked out. The bastards moved back and called us out, just like those bastards did to me when i was kid..

We charged out, fists flying though the fight ended quickly. I managed to bust my fist real good against the bloody wall..what can i say? I’m a technician not a bloody soldier! I was knocked out pretty quick by the dude i picked a fight with. Though i will say, it was with the help of a mysterious anvil that fell on me randomly. I swear the fates are having a real fun time.

I woke 2 days later with the rest of the guys. Matt somehow talked his way out of a beatdown, why he didn’t do this in the first place will be a constant niggling point in my mid..especially since my hand still hasn’t stopped flaring with pain as i write this. The Overseer and the guards weren’t too impressed with our conflicting stories but nevertheless entrusted us with fixing the damn systems. No joke, the Overseer sent a repair team..then waited two days for us to recover to send us to check on em! What the fuck. I couldn’t keep the rage controlled, i told the bastard exactly what i thought of em and the dick still wouldn’t send security teams with us! He did give us guns..i guess we should’ve been grateful for that small mercy but..I’m not a soldier. The most gun practice I’ve had is with the trusty BB.

We headed out, gotta admit climbing down the rope was kinda fun and arrived back in the systems area. Cal managed to unlock a few of the lockers, I’ve finally got the trusty vault suit and a very nice large wrench, handy in repairing and roach squashing it turns out. I took a nasty burn from the main water pipe as we headed to the generator room, squashing roaches on the way. We saved Mace from, yet, more roaches. As mentioned early I determined the cause of the generator damage and fixed it after a couple of hours of elbow grease. With power restored we got told that the systems had to be turned on manually so we headed back to air purification. The wires were chewed bad, and took me a while to fix. Cal, the impatient git, questioned my ability as a technician (after all the damn work he witnessed me do!?) i called him out on it. I admit it didn’t help then that when Harry kicked it the machine sprang to life. I totally did most of the work but..Harry does know his way round a machine or two.

Next, we headed to the water purifier (my baby) and we found Jordan swarmed by the little bastards. After we ended them, Felix patched up his leg while i did my magic on the purifier. Jordan limped off to fix the main valve while we started to press on, that’s when we heard the scream…rushing back to the generator we saw Mace’s mangled body, i almost kept it together until Matt touched Mace’s head and It came off…I..I’ve never been so sick ever in my life. Certainly no radroach did this.

Disturbed, we headed to the radiation detector and communication room. After the ole’ Franky magic…by pushing the button we got a man named Aradesh on the speaker. Apparently the guys from level 2 stole most of the vault’s supplies, killed the Overseer (good riddance if you ask me) and left! They left the vault! As had almost everyone else! This affected us all in different ways, Matt and Cal seemed more cold then before, questioning Aradesh to the detail, they almost refused Aradesh’s request to go after the GECK but eventually conceded.

We passed a bloody door on the way to the mainframe and noticed a knocked out guy from the repair team, Cheng. While Felix, Harry and I tried to revive him, Cal coldly took a note from his hand while Matt told us to leave him! Seriously! These guys better start remembering there humanity because i mean would they abandon me in the future? It dreads me to think..though as we struggled on, Matt did come back and revive him. Cheng told us that he was knocked out by a guy called Trevor and didn’t know why. He headed to ‘help’ Jordan as we entered the mainframe room.

In the mainframe, a malfunctioning Mr Handy greeted us. I was confident i could shut him down without a fuss as the others pumped him full of bullets and, though i took a nasty hit, i managed to switch him off, while Matt got the GECK. I wanted to check to route were we saw the bloody hand print but the rest of the guys rushed for the way out..i guess if anyone was down there they hand plenty of time to head on out..

On the way back, we were ambushed by the thing that got Mace, a skinless MONSTER that looked almost human, in a extremely fucked up way. We pumped a lot of bullets into the freak and it finally went down, though it certainly hasn’t left my nightmares yet, and i doubt it will for awhile. After killing the freak, we heard the sound of fighting down the hall. When we got to the main water valve, Cheng was standing over Jordan’s bloody body. He quickly switched off the valve and ran as we gave chase. Cal couldn’t quite get him in the leg and the smug bastard got in the elevator before us and thought he had made his escape.

Pff as if, I quickly rerouted the power and brought the elevator swiftly back down. I put my best smug grin on as the elevator door opened revealing the poor bastard. I admit, it didn’t bother me as my comrades fell upon him with wrenches and guns. He shouldn’t challenge this technical genius, thinking he bested me! The bastard suffered but is still alive, maybe we can find out more info later.

Anyway we took the Geck to Aradesh, a smart looking guy, thinking our job was done. He tasked us through Matt, our supposed ‘Leader’, to survey an area with a decent water purity and clear it out. Matt’s a great guy and worthy to lead us..but he’s gonna need us to keep his humanity in check.

And..that’s about it, we’re gonna head out tomorrow, in the downtime i managed to get that Mr Handy we found up and running, program complete and everything. I know it’s not the true Andy but…I’ma gonna call him Andy all the same.

Also, found my folks safe and sound. If Aradesh’s plan works then hopefully they can be safe out there..but after the last few days..i doubt it.

We’re gonna need all the help we can get..I mean..If we met horrible things inside this vault then what horrors await us out there?

Harry's Personal Pip-boy Diary
A rough month...

Entry #….crap I lost count…I guess I’ll start over.

Entry #1

Sorry Diary, I haven’t written in you for a WHILE now, but after the past few weeks, I don’t think you can blame me. I mean, with the month I’VE had, I’m surprised I’m remembering to write ANYTHING at all, so don’t YOU judge me for my lateness…or my horrible grammar flaws. I’m kinda flustered right now.

So three weeks ago, the Overseer decided to make everyone in the Vault RETAKE the GOAT test! I got maintenance duty again…I GUESS I was relieved to find out, but a liiiittle disappointed about that too, though compared to the REST of the month…well I’ll get to that. I really wasn’t too worried at all or anything, though they decided my shift had to start SUPER early down in the tunnels, and let me tell you, the people I got stuck with…well…it’s not that I don’t like them or anything, in fact I think I’ve seen that Frank guy doing some maintenance here and there and HE seems okay, but let’s just say a couple of these guys seemed better off working at a computer…or maybe strong arming with the Level 2 guys.
But I digress. First day on the job, a lot of the steam pipes went freakin’ HAYWIRE downstairs! Not that it was THAT much of a problem, but the ROACHES! There were so many! I haven’t seen THAT many in…EVER! They nearly KILLED us down there! But thanks to ole’ Suzie, I was able to smash my way through them. :D
It went on like that for weeks, though the roach problem died off. I visited mom a few times, it sounds like she got cafeteria duty. I felt so bad for her, mom hated cooking. I only visted her maybe twice during those weeks, I wish I could have gone more, but I really didn’t have the time.
But you think THAT’S bad, a couple days ago, the freakin POWER went out! I was on my way to work with the new guys, and the power went out in the elevator! We waited a few hours, hoping for someone to maybe come looking. When we heard sounds coming from the elevator door, I thought we were in luck…I was very very wrong. We managed to get it open, and LO AND BEHOLD, GARL…freakin GARL was on the other side!!! I’ll admit…my arms started to hurt when I saw him, I REMEMBER kindergarten…and junior high…and my 20th birthday…
BUT ANYWAY, if THAT wasn’t bad enough…well…I think some of these guys have…ummm…anger problems. And bY these guys, I mean this ONE guy named Cal, and this OTHER guy named Matt…or was it Tom? I really don’t remember, one of those was a nickname or something people were calling him. But these two guys must have been Vault Security or something, cuz when I say anger problems…I mean Cal ran out of the elevator and clocked Garl in the face, and when I tried to stay out of it, Matt/Tom just called me a pussy and went in fists blazing! I mean, what the hell? If it wasn’t for them, we might have gotten out of there PEACEABLY at least! But NOOOOOoooo! I TRIED to fight, but I think Garl has fists of steel, cuz he knocked me out before I knew what him me…I think the last thing I remember was an anvil smashing into one of the guys faces, must be the delirium.
So after THAT, I woke up in the MEDICAL ward like TWO DAYS LATER! That Frank guy busted his hand pretty good, and the rest of us just got usual treatment. That Tom/Matt guy didn’t seem to be too hurt…I wonder if they worked out a deal? I haven’t checked if I’m missing anything yet….oh, and did I mention the power was STILL out when I woke up?
So we were detained until Vault Security got our stories, and I told them EVERYTHING I saw! But apparently…it sounds like I’m the only one. I didn’t hear the other stories too well, but I think I heard Cal talk about how he “fell down some stairs”…ugh.
Anyway, after that, I went back to my room to make sure Max was okay. Turns out he was…though I don’t have any clean socks right now. I had to hurry feeding him, because the Overseer wanted to see me and these other guys right away.
It turns out that he sent a crew down under to fix the power sometime before we were knocked senseless, and they hadn’t heard a thing, so I guess he wanted US to be “team b”. I thought maybe they just got locked in a room, or trapped by a steam vent, but for some reason a few of the other guys REALLY got their jimmies rustled by this, they immediately were questioning why hadn’t they sent down security officers and the like earlier? I thought that for a second too…until I realized that IF these people were stuck down there, it was probably due to technical reasons, and those security jocks don’t have the expertise to deal with those things
Again, I didn’t think much of it…until the Overseer handed us guns….


Yeah…he gave us guns…

Soooo…by then I thought things were getting weird…

We went down under, and IMMEDIATELY everything went to hell! Several of the pipes were exploding steam, I even got scalded pretty freakin good, and for a while, it felt like we were TRAPPED down there! Oh, and the guns came to good use…because it looks like the ROACH problem decided to rear its head again!
We looked around for the other team and found Mace, one of the previous members sent down, getting mauled by roaches! We helped him out, and he said he got separated from the rest of the team when a skinless man on all fours tore through them. So obviously, he was kind of panicky, and tired…

…oh yeah…did you see that? The thing about a skinless man on all fours tearing through people like a hot knife through butter? …keep THAT in mind.

We looked for other survivors, AND tried to fix the leaks we came across, AND AND took a few hours repairing generators for the water and the air. We found ANOTHER guy named Jordan who was being mauled by more roaches, and he hurt his leg pretty bad. It looks like some of the other guys used to be doctors, so at least they were able to patch him up a littler. Right after that though, we heard a scream coming from one of the generators! When we checked it out…well…Mace didn’t make it…

SPEAKING of which, I really think that Matt/Tom guy has some issues. He kept saying that Mace was FINE, even after his head fell off..I still nearly hurl when I THINK about it.

After that, some guy named Aradesh contacted us and told us that the upper floor went crazy, and the guys from level 2 MURDERED the Oveerseer, took all the guns and ammo, and left the vault! He told us we were the only ones in range to get the Geck, which we needed to live outside of the Vault! Can you believe that? We’re gunna LEAVE the Vault! But at the time, all I noticed was how the others went virtually crazy! They started threatening Aradesh and questioning what was going on! We nearly DIDN’T get the Geck because they didn’t TRUST him!!! Could you IMAGINE if we didn’t actually get the Geck like he asked? How screwed would we be THEN?

We decided to keep moving, and after dealing with some more roaches, we found a guy knocked unconscious! He was still alive, but Cal and Matt/Tom said we should keep moving on! I nearly flipped! What’s wrong with these guys? Did their parents not LOVE them enough? Thankfully Frank and Felix decided to stick around and try to help the poor guy, though we weren’t able to get him up. FInally, Matt/Tom and Cal came back and helped us bring him back to consciousness…thinking back on it, maybe leaving the guy WOULD have been better.

The guy’s name was Cheng, and he told us some guy named Trevor hit him with a wrench and ran. Cheng had a code, and we used it to get to the generator room. A freakin HANDY man was malfunctioning, and even though we tried to destroy it, Frank went INTO the gun fire and turned the thing off! Brave guy, really.

The Geck was in the room, and we grabbed that and ran for the door. When we came back down the tunnel, Cheng and Jordan were working on getting a large steam vent closed. Just then, that skinless MONSTER human thing burst from a vent and attacked us! I don’t think I’ve ever shot a gun so fast in my LIFE. But while we did that, Cheng BEAT JORDAN TO DEATH WITH A WRENCH!!! I STILL don’t know what the hell happened there, WHY would he do that??? We killed the monster surprisingly enough, and ran after Cheng who headed for the elevator. He got there before us, and left us behind! …thank God rerouting power to force the elevator back down isn’t that hard.

But HERE’S the thing. Besides murdering Jordan and trying to leave us, Cheng really didn’t do ANYTHING exactly TOO us. I mean if he left on the elevator, what was to stop us from just waiting for it to come back down when we clicked the button? So I was REALLY curious about why he was doing this…the others though…well…I think with the power going out, something went into the water that made EVERYONE a murderous MONSTER! As soon as the doors opened, nearly EVERYONE took out their gun and started shooting at the guy! And I don’t even mean to keep him from moving, or as a warning, I mean they tried to shoot him in the FACE!!! I was really HORRIFIED by this! I tried to get inbetween them, maybe hit his weapon away from him, but the other guys just stormed in with their guns and almost EXECUTED the guy! Thank GOD he dropped from bloodloss, I REALLY didn’t wanna KILL the guy, I mean who knows, maybe Jordan tried to kill him first? Then again Cheng DID give us a smirk when he went up the lift….BUT STILL! Maybe these guys went stir crazy, because NOW with the power out and NOW because they’re leaving the Vault, they’ve gone KILL crazy!

Oh yeah, we’re leaving the vault! We met Aradesh in person, and he said because WE were the only ones with guns, we were the most capable of scouting out a certain water mass that MIGHT be able to sustain life! I mean…honestly, I don’t know if I’m THRILLED or if TERRIFIED now, I mean I always wanted to go on an adventure like in the comic books…but now that it’s happening, I really don’t know how to feel.

But anyway Journal, it’s been one hell of a month. I almost go reassigned, I nearly got killed by roaches, I got knocked out by Garl, and I saw a lot of corpses, and now I’m gunna leave the Vault…at least Max is coming with me.

…I better go say bye to Mom, I might not see her for a while…or ever again…I haven’t thought about it like that…..naaaaah, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Session 1:
End of the vault

With the Geck in hand the remaining vault dwellers feel they have a chance at survival to the east, a geographical scan of the area has identified a potential source of water that has a 78% percent probability of not being radiated.

Aradesh asks the “Vault Dwellers” to risk their lives and scout out the area before he organises the remaining Dwellers to travel to the location. Knowing that the party has the best chance of survival with their armament of vault security pistols.

RP Reward: 100 xp
Discussion Bonus: up to 100 xp
Adventure Log: up to 500 xp

MVP Reward: Carl

Karmic Perk: Vault Rep. Aradesh recognises your smooth tongue and High intelligence as qualities of a leader, he has marked you a representative of their community and culture.

When dealing with others outside of the vault, in regards to the Vault 15 community, you receive a 20% bonus to barter and speech.

Also Aradesh does a collection and gives you 2 boxes (40) of 9mm High Damage Ammo as well as valuables worth 300 caps in trade.

Keep this for your self or share with your group the choice is yours.

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