Fallout, Vault 15: A New Begining

Session 1:

End of the vault

With the Geck in hand the remaining vault dwellers feel they have a chance at survival to the east, a geographical scan of the area has identified a potential source of water that has a 78% percent probability of not being radiated.

Aradesh asks the “Vault Dwellers” to risk their lives and scout out the area before he organises the remaining Dwellers to travel to the location. Knowing that the party has the best chance of survival with their armament of vault security pistols.

RP Reward: 100 xp
Discussion Bonus: up to 100 xp
Adventure Log: up to 500 xp

MVP Reward: Carl

Karmic Perk: Vault Rep. Aradesh recognises your smooth tongue and High intelligence as qualities of a leader, he has marked you a representative of their community and culture.

When dealing with others outside of the vault, in regards to the Vault 15 community, you receive a 20% bonus to barter and speech.

Also Aradesh does a collection and gives you 2 boxes (40) of 9mm High Damage Ammo as well as valuables worth 300 caps in trade.

Keep this for your self or share with your group the choice is yours.


It all started a few days ago. I was woken up earlier than usual with a strange message on my pip-boy. Apparently, everyone was to go through the goat again. The vault was rumbling with discontent, people all over had received the same message and were scared of losing the jobs they liked. I wasn’t a big fan of it either but I figured, the overseer must have a plan, maybe he saw some discrepancy in the previous test that needed fixing. I said good morning to my dog Rocko and headed down to level 5. It was buzzing. As usual, people were standing around arguing at each other for little other reason than they came from different levels, it was stupid if you ask me.

Anyhow, we got to the study room, hadn’t stepped foot in that place for a few years, brings back good memories. I sat down on my favorite spot and the test began. The questions were similar to the first G.O.A.T, being that they were hard, stupid and totally unfair most of the time, asking about skills that most people never even had a chance to learn.

After finishing we were told that we would get our results in the evening and were sent on a day off. I spent my day playing pool with some thug from level 2 until I got another message on my pip-boy. I had been reassigned to maintenance duty, the night crew on top of it all along with Frank, Felix, Cal and Larry. I had no problem with these guys in particular, They’re okay guys, some of them mostly kept to themselves but they never caused me any troubles but maintenance? How did that happen.

I couldn’t believe it, I jumped into the elevator and went straight to the overseer. I asked him what his problem was, how he came up with that stupid test and what he was trying to accomplish bringing me down to maintenance. He had little answers and mostly just threatened to bring me to waste disposal duty so I left, unhappy.

The next morning was my first shift as a maintenance worker. We were to go down to the lowest level of the vault and fix some pipes. Down there it was dark, rusty and damp. Really fun place to work. We walked around a little, most of us had no clue what any of those machines did, until we eventually found a pipe that was leaking. The other guys fixed it as I tried to figure out how they were even doing it. We moved on until we got startled by some skittering sounds. Not too long after, radroaches came out of the vents and attacked us, well, Cal in particular that time. He managed to squash them pretty fast though and we just kept moving. Cal went up one hallway and apparently got attacked, he yelled for help so Larry and Frank, as usual, went running the opposite direction.

Me and Felix went to help Cal and got stuck in a terrible fight against these stupid roaches. Frank and Larry eventually caught up with us, apparently having gotten into some trouble on their side and helped us finish the last roach as me and Cal headed up to the infirmary, we were beat up pretty bad and weren’t feeling too good. Not too long later in the morning we received a message on the pip-boy saying that our job was complete, I guess the other guys managed to finish it without too much of a hassle.

A few days later, as we were coming up the elevator after another grueling shift. The power suddenly went out. We tried to open the door and were met on level 2 by Garl and his thugs. It wasn’t good news and they surely didn’t seem happy to see us. What followed was an… unfortunate turn of events, Cal got a little antsy and figured if we were gonna fight, he’d rather have the first punch. He threw it at Garl and got himself surrounded in a mob of thugs. In that time, Larry got scared, Frank didn’t wanna fight and Felix decided to read his book. Felix got punched square on the nose anyways so I jumped to defend the poor bastard. Larry and Frank soon followed us into the fight after meddling with the power box a little. Cal got knocked out first, followed by Frank, then Felix, then Larry I think, not sure. All I know is I was the last man standing and all the thugs were turned to me. I did what any man would have done, put my hands up and told Garl he had won, this time.

He just told me to watch my ass cause apparently, he wasn’t too happy that we had taken the maintenance jobs, as if I wanted that crap. I got the guys in the elevator and brought us all to the infirmary. I got stuck there for 2 damn days as they were waking up. They didn’t want me to leave and weren’t telling me anything about what was going on, I could tell something was wrong, the power wasn’t fully back and people seemed to rush everywhere and sleep deprived.

After 2 days, they woke up. We got questioned a little, they all felt the need to lie so the guard didn’t trust our answers at all. Then we got sent to the overseer who wanted to see us. I fed my poor dog first and then I went down, as requested. He told us he had sent a team down to the maintenance levels 2 days ago and hadn’t received anything from them since, he wanted us to go down there and investigate. Apparently he felt it was no urgent matter and could wait for us, maintenance, rather than sending security.

We reluctantly accepted and were given guns to go down, at least that was good I guess. We took a rope down to the maintenance floor as the elevator was out of order. It was dark down there, more than usual, I took out my flashlight and my gun and kept them at the ready. We slowly went down the hallways and once again had to fight some damn radroaches, not only that, the pipes were all freaking out and started spewing scalding hot steam onto us from time to time. The other guys managed to fix most of them but 1, a major leak that would require more time they said. We progressed until we found a guy, Mace, past the water filtration systems. He told us he’d been stuck there for 2 days and as soon as we showed up, got attacked by more roaches. We took care of them, as usual and told him to hold up there and wait for us to come back. We fixed up the generator and went back out there to reactivate all the systems.

Next up we found Jordan, Jordan’s leg was broken and he was fighting off roaches as we showed up. We did quick work of them, we were getting used to it by now, and patched him up. He told us he thought we were “the creature” whatever that meant, it scared us straight. It didn’t help when we heard a chilling scream coming from where Mace was, we ran up there and found him, lying in a pool of his own blood with his head hanging from his head by a thread. I thought he looked fine, I mean, I don’t really know what dead looks like, but the others told me he was dead. We moved on, quickly, we made it to the radio room where a guy started speaking to us. It was Aradesh, He told us to get the GECK from the mainframe room and then get out of there ASAP, people were leaving the vault and they had taken everything. We accepted and went on. In the storage room we found Chang, he had been knocked out, apparently, by some guy with a wrench. He told us it was Trevor and ran off. We did find a note on him with a code on it. The code turned out to be the password to the mainframe’s room. As we walked in there we found a Mr. Handy robot, but it seemed defective as it attacked us. I had no intentions of fighting a robot so I just ran for the locker and grabbed the GECK. Frank though managed to turn off the robot. We ran out and heard screams from towards the entrance.

As we were making our way there, a… thing, came out of the vents. It was angry and really ugly, fit Jordan’s description perfectly actually. We opened fire on it and it started scratching me. I was scared to shit but we managed to take it out. As we turned towards the elevator, We found Cheng, standing on top of Jordan’s body with a bloody wrench in his hand. I told him to drop the wrench and that we could talk about this and figure it out. He just ran towards the elevator.

We chased him as fast as we could but he managed to get onto the elevator. That’s when Frank tinkered with the power box and sent it straight back down to us. As the doors opened, we greeted him with the same smile he had when he left and opened fire on him. We managed to take him out but keep him alive, perfect, we could question him later.

We got to floor 1A after picking up our dogs and were met by Aradesh who wanted the geck, I didn’t really care why or what it did, I threw it to him and went to chat up one of the girls, had been a while since I’d gotten any.

A bit later, Aradesh came to me and told me he had a job for me and my crew, his words not mine, apparently he sees me as some sort of leader and representative of whatever’s left of the vault. He handed me some valuables, in case people out there in the world trade along with some ammo for my gun, told me to take my maintenance crew out and find out if the way’s clear to that spot he scanned and was planning on using the GECK on.

I guess this is it, we’re leaving the vault and me and my crew of unfortunate assholes have been chosen as the suicide team that goes out first to figure out what the fuck is going on out there.

Session 1:
Taloswind Taloswind

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