Cal Barrett

Medium build, sharp eyes, always observing surroundings, neat black hair, seems to have a permanent 5 o'clock shadow


war_weapons_sniper_rifles_cheytac_intervention_ghillie_suit_face_paint_1920x1200_wallpaper_www.wall321.com_15.jpgCal is always in the back of the room, and there is a reason for that. Cal hates to be around, talk to or just make eye contact with people. Cal has never been a people person, but when you put a gun in his hand, he is sure to hit his mark. He wears a worn down suit that his father left him and secretly always carries his fathers old gun.


Cal was born into the vault under bad circumstances, his mother nor his father wanted a child and they made that apparent when Cal could understand what they were saying. His father, who was a vault security officer did not have any idea how to raise a child, but at least gave some effort. Cal’s mother on the other hand, gave no effort at all barely recognizing that he existed, this caused Cal to attempt to win his mothers love when he was young, but as he became more wise in his age, he realized that it was unattainable. Cal’s father knew that there was great responsibility in raising a child, and unlike his wife he had to attempt to teach Cal how do be a good man. Instead of sitting with Cal to talk, all the father would do is take him shooting rad roaches all day, this was how he bonded with his son, teaching him how to shoot was the one thing his father knew he could do. As Cal grew into a man, he became more bitter about the short end of the stick he had been dealt with his unloving mother, and became extremely close to his father, even though his father was not a great father, it was all Cal had. Cal attempted to model himself after his father, always keeping a clean comb-over haircut, the only thing that was not completely formal about him was his 5 o’clock shadow beard. Cal felt very strongly about right and wrong, he would do whatever it took to make sure the right thing was always done, this managed to get him into a lot of fights growing up which only increased his dislike for people.

Growing up Cal always had an interest in guns, they were the only thing that he enjoyed, although when he was little he enjoyed pretending his hand was a flying machine and would run around the hallways making noises. Cal realized growing up with people that most did not like him, he did not know what it was, at first Cal did not care, but as time went on Cal became increasingly annoyed over the fact that no one would be his friend, this made Cal decide to keep his distance from people at all times. Because Cal had no friends and no one to hang out with, he spent most of his time in the bowels of the Vault where his father let him go shoot radroaches, he would try to train his body to be extremely agile as he knew if a situation went bad, he could easily evade his way out, he did not like to be close to people and would rather be at a distance. The people of Vault 15’s opinion of Cal continued to become worse and worse due to the fact that Cal would always be in the back of the room, no matter what observing everything that happened inside the room, it was the only way Cal felt comfortable.

It was Cal’s 18th birthday and he returned home from his daily study sessions he noticed the Overseer and all of the Vault doctors surrounding his home. As Cal approached the doctor stopped Cal and said he couldn’t go in, there was a new strain of some disease and they could not let it leave the room. There was windows to see inside of the room, Cal maneuvered his way around the doctors to see what was inside, when he looked inside he saw his father, and his mother coughing up blood. Cal was immediately stricken with panic and grief, he did not want his father to die, he was the only person that has ever been kind to him, he also felt extremely sad about his mother, even though she practically denied Cal’s existence he still felt some kind of bond with her. Cal pleaded with the Overseer to send the doctors in and save them, but he knew that this was not an option, the Overseer patted Cal on the shoulder and told him that it was an extremely unfortunate event and that he was sorry. After that the Overseer had Cal seized and taken to a quarantine area to be further examined by the doctors, after they found nothing was wrong with him he was released, three days after the incident. Cal returned to his home to find the rug on which his father and mother were laying on was gone, he could see bits of charred rug, he knew they had went in and burned the bodies.

Cal, who had felt alone his whole life, was actually alone now, and this made him think of questions in his head like; “why am I here” “what was the point in living in this can if I am shunned and treated as though I am not a person.” Cal thought on these for many days before he emerged from his home again. When Cal left his home he had his fathers old favorite suit on, his fathers 9mm gun secretly strapped to his waist and was determined to become Vault security. Eventually the Overseer realized that this was a perfect role for Cal but was worried that his lack of people skills would cause escalations in violence, so instead he assigned Cal to eliminate the rad roach infestation that was rampant in the Vaults bowls Cal was offered a security suit but declined stating; “radroaches wont shoot me, I don’t need your armor, I would rather honor my father and wear his suit.” The Overseer allowed this and sent Cal on his way to kill the Rad roaches, which he did with precision and ease every day.

Cal became bored with the Vault but no one knew due to his lack of relationships with anyone, he would do anything possible to explore outside of the tin can in the wall he was confided to, he had nothing left at the vault for him.

Cal Barrett

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