Felix Wayne

Slim guy. Wears dress shoes, Khaki dress pants, white under shirt, and a lab coat. Also wears eyeglasses.


Slim guy. Wears dress shoes, Khaki dress pants, white under shirt, and a lab coat. Also wears eyeglasses. 5 Feet 11 inches and weights 160 pounds. Since no one wants to be around him he has no strong feelings for people except the ones he loves.

Felix Wayne is the kid who had no one go to his 10th birthday party (or any birthday party for that matter), but his father and the overseer, just to give him his Pip-boy 3000. Felix’s father, Conner Wayne, was Vault 15’s Doctor. Phoebe Wayne, his mom, was the assistant to her husband. The family’s life was going great until Felix was two. One morning, Conner found Phoebe laying on the floor dead, in the doctor’s office. He found 20 Med-X shots laying next to his wife’s corpse. No one knows the reason why she died, only how. Felix’s young childhood consisted of books, books, and more books. Since no one wanted to be around him (not even the bullies at school), he spent most of his time reading any book he could get his hands on. From fantasy, to mystery, to fiction he read, till he read every available book in the vault. He kept reading them over and over, never getting tired of them, for he learned something new each time he did. But, on his 10th birthday his father gave him the best present he could ever receive, a book his mother left him. The book was called, “Vault-Tec’s Not So Very Short Short Story Book!”, it was over 1500 pages long, over 500 short stores, and it was a rare Hard-Cover addition. It was his favorite book and it only took him a month and a half to complete. Also, his life long goal emerged from this book. It was to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains, climb to the highest peak, and look at the world around him. Other things that Felix did as a young kid was help his father on small task around the office, do small science experiments he learned a book, and watched the vault’s scientist when he got permission from the Overseer. When he got older nothing really changed about his life, until he was 16 when he had to take the G.O.A.T. When he got his results after the test, he found out that he would be working with his dad as assistant doctor, which is what he wanted to do. So, for four years, Felix was taken under his father’s wing, learning the ways of the Medical World (Vault?). One night though, a few days after Felix’s 20th birthday, Conner Wayne died of a random heart attack. Felix was sad that he could of done something if he was there, but by then he already had gotten his own place. Because of his father’s death, Felix took on the role as Vault 15’s Doctor. Now Felix is 21 and only a few things have changed. He has gotten eyeglasses because his sight got messed up from getting little pieces of glass in his eyes when a light bulb from a lab exploded, taken a liking to Clair Rosewood, a pretty young woman who is also the best singer in the vault (He always watches her sing in the entertainment area), and most importantly, he found a hidden pocket on the inside of the back cover of his favorite book. Inside it contained a folded up note and on the front was written, “To Felix, This Is Your Mother.” He read the note. After he was done, he knew his life would be changed forever, he now knew what happened to his mother and father. They were murdered.

Felix Wayne

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