Frank "Scotty" Boggs

Slender, unkempt with a pale complexation


Very underwhelming, a slender man who seems to be able to blend in a crowd with little to no effort. The only thing of note is the drab pre-war ‘Blue collar’ attire


Frank was born to a loving family. Helen, a devoted teacher and David, the water maintenance technician in Vault 15. Frank often accompanied and helped his dad maintain the vital water purifier and all those finicky components. Eager to help and please his dad, Frank read all the pre-war books on science and engineering (as few there were…and complex) gaining a grasp on the basics as well as learning basic biology and medical techniques.

Because of this Frank had little time for kids ‘his age’. They had no idea of the wonders of science and he just found them to be extremely dull. Being a slender loner who thought he was better then everyone else, and having his mum as his teacher, surprisingly didn’t hold the bullies at bay, making him their constant punching bag until he was 14.

Frank kept his anger and pain deep inside and decided to get his revenge after the years of punishment. A month before his 14th birthday, Frank seemed to turn a new leaf, chatting to other kids his age, reading the comics they liked and generally acting like a 14 year old, spending less time with his dad. It was then he realized what a fool he’d been, that other people were smart in there own ways and stronger then he could ever be. He realized that he could have friends, and while he knew he still slipped up from time to time and alienated his mates a bit with a flood of scientific jibber jabber, he knew they would still be there for him. The affectionately nicknamed him “Scotty” a famous engineer from pre-war book.

Revenge though, was his main goal. Frank also befriended his bullies, repairing their BB guns and hacking terminals to get juicy info on the overseer and higher ups. Thus he invited them to his 14th birthday, telling them that he had a cool shooting range set up in a underused storeroom. When the bullies entered the room on Frank’s big day, a soft click was the second to last thing they heard..the last (a couple of seconds later) was a huge BOOM as the room was engulfed in a ‘epic’ explosion. The whisper of a smile echoed across Frank’s face when he heard from the comfort of his true party. As adults and kids raced to the storeroom , Frank followed slowly. When he heard the anguished cries of the bullies, he ate those cries like delicious cram. His tormentor’s were permanently maimed and the explosion blamed on faulty maintenance of some piping in the room. Even today, the sight of those bullies maimed as they are brings a smile to Frank’s lips.

Unsurprisingly, his GOAT results came back with Frank working with his father at water maintenance, since then Frank has also been called to upgrade the overseer’s computer systems. In his spare time he works on repairing ‘Andy’, an old Mr Handy Frank found as well as any other bit’s of old pre-war stuff.

Frank "Scotty" Boggs

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