Matt Tibbins


Well kept, always well shaven. Matt is always going around with a smile and could probably get a whole lot more from people if he wasn’t such a nice guy.


Matt was born in vault 15. Throughout his life, he never seemed to want to stick with one group of people of the vault. His family was from level 4 but he never really saw people didn’t just live together.

He spent his childhood going around the various levels of the vault seemlessly making friends, and unlike many, he succeeded at keeping buddies all over the vault.

One day when Matt was 17 years old, a man named Genghis approached him in the vault, telling him he had a gift for Matt. Matt followed Genghis to his level and upon arriving at his accomodations, found not only Genghis’s dogs, but a whole lot of puppies too. The man told Matt that he was starting to have a few too many dogs and though Matt would probably like to have one. Matt loved hanging out with Genghis’s dogs so he picked one of the puppies, a german shepperd and called him Rocko.

A few weeks later, in level 5, Matt was hanging around with some buddies from level 1, Val and Jerry. Rocko was with him, as had become normal. Then, some kid from level 2 named Garrett came along saying he wanted a dog and didn’t get one so he was grabbing Rocko. Matt and his friends tried to talk Garrett out of it but he started walking back to the elevator. For the first time ever, Matt got a feeling in his chest he had never felt before, a burning sensation. He kinda lost control and jumped on Garrett, punching him over and over and over until the kid was unconscious.

It had taken 17 years for Matt to finally make enemies around the vault, but he had done so well now. Most of level 2 was now on his back and showing his face around the social quarters was sure to get him in a fight. He spent the remaining time trying to fix up the mess he had created but to no avail, maybe it’s true, no peaceful co-existence can ever be in vault 15.

Matt Tibbins

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