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Rules: Fallout Core Rulebook Rebalanced

Program: Maptools 1.3.89

We use Skype for out of game chat and game scheduling
For Voice we are using Ventrillo

Characters Start as Human, and at Lvl 1, You are a resident of Vault 15, on Level 1.

Players will start with 1000 caps, which can be used to purchase items from here: LINK

Any Players who have 7 or higher Charisma will have been offered a dog from Genghis’s Litter, (Select a breed and inform the DM) LINK

Up to 500 xp is rewarded for your back-story, you will be informed of this reward on the first session of the game.

Character back stories should be posted under characters along with a picture you would like to use for your character token.
Pictures should be at least 250 × 250 pixels

Main Page

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