10 years ago…

“Hey! Look at this!” Garl said as he pulls you and some of the other youth aside.

Due east from Vault 13, construction on this Vault has gone extremely smoothly. Much work was done to reinforce the walls of the third level of this Vault, to make all the future Vault Dwellers more secure in the knowledge that in the event of even a major earthquake, the regulatory computers of the Vault would continue to function. Recent tours of the newly constructed Vault, have had many a potential Vault Dweller walking away with a new found awe of the improvements done to this already impressive Vault.

The old Advertising script seemed almost humorous to you and your friends as you looked over it.

“Where did you get it?” one of the other kids asks, knowing better you keep your mouth shut as Garl gets defensive.

“Stole it! From Razlo’s Desk as he was tending the wounds of another scrap from level five.”

The fights were getting worse, the vault has always seemed packed, something you would expect from living in a tin can. What made Things worse was the fact this vault seem to hold extremist of old world culture, for the past 40 years no one has put aside their differences.

In hopes to calm matters the Overseer restricted the groups to their own floors, but the Social Quarters, or Level 5 was always a place for trouble.

on Level 0, you had Razlo’s Office and the vault door.

Level 1, held the Pacifists ,who in general tried to live their life away from the politics of the vault, only stepping in when one of the other groups threatened to tear down the very vault it self.

Level 2 Had the Brutes, In general they took what they wanted and let their fists do the talking, you can guess where Garl came from.

Level 3, held the Righteous, bunch of religious freaks who tried to convert anyone who walked their halls

Level 4, there was the Capitalists who felt they were better then everyone else. they demanded a higher share of resources upon ariving and have been putting pressure to the overseer to better their situation

Of course Level 5 was where the entertainment, kitchens, mess hall and school was. It was also the only place where you could access the turbo lift to Level 6. Where the overseer and other vault technicians worked.

“Its a good thing the Overseer keeps the peace, or there would be war in here.”

“War? I wish, we would win!” said Garl with a smirk flexing his muscles

“God does not like war, think pea…” Sara starts to plea.

Luke starts up “God didn’t pay for this vault my daddy…”

“Oh shuttup!” Garl says as he punches Luke..

here we go again….

Fallout, Vault 15: A New Begining

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