Fallout, Vault 15: A New Begining

Cal's log #1

things became interesting quick

I need to summarize my first log, I am afraid I don’t have time to write right now, we are leaving into the wastes. Well first off we woke up and discovered that we had to retake the GOAT exam, this made many people angry, after the exam I discovered we all god assigned to maintenance. When I first met my coworkers I did not like any of them, but as time went on I warmed up to one of them, his name is Tom, the only one who had my back in a fight that we had with Garl and his thugs, I would give reasoning for my actions of first blood, but like I said, I am in a hurry. Anyway long story short no one had my back but Tom, and I got my ass beat by 4 guys wailing on me, the rest of my coworkers were cowards. when I awoke I was in the infirmary, the guard asked me what happened, I replied " I fell" in order to not get Garl in trouble, I wanted the revenge for myself.

After that the Overseer called us to his office and asked us to go repair the power supply, the other workers never returned, this concerned me. But when he reunited me with my gun I was content on going. When we got down there, there was a lot of strange stuff going on, we managed to turn back on the power when a voice over the intercom said we were leaving the vault, this excited me, finally my dream of getting out of this place was happening. We were instructed to grab the GECK and get out, so we did just that, not without much difficulty,m for we were attacked many times in the process, by beasts and humans alike. when we got up to the rooms where everyone was gathering, we were informed that Garl and his father were behind the killing of the Overseer and fled into the wastes with our supplies. I wanted to go after them at that moment, but I figured I should stay with my new friend Tom, and for some reason he liked the other three we were with, I guess I might need them to survive.


Taloswind Toddieo

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