Fallout, Vault 15: A New Begining

Session 2

A New Home

With the vault secure, the party heads out into the wastes to scout the location of the new town, Shady Sands, named for mid day shade from the nearby mountain peaks.

The waste seems a hostile place with many creatures warped by the nuclear war. but guns and technology seemed to prevail, sadly your companions, Rocko, Max Jr. and Mr Handy all fell in combat.

Returning from some dire encounters, the party then lead the residents of vault 15 to their new home where Aradesh used the Geck to create their new town.

The Geck helped make the new land fertile while creating simple abodes out of the nearby materials. Water, Mud and Rock.

The abodes and walls while appealing, are sturdy enough, and the ground softened.

outside of the walled city several structures were formed for ranch houses to hopefully farm and maintain live stock, while the inner city forms more of a social hub, for general living.

The party has been of course given free lodgings within the sands, and food during their stay.

A year has passed after the town was built, while the vault dwellers strive to making a living habitat, hunting the wildlife with mundane weapons and farming edible plants in the mountain region, life has not been easy.

A group of men have been trained to protect the town from wildlife, with knives or melee weapons, headed by a young man named seth, who watches the gate through most of the day.

Milestone XP: 500 xp (Forming shady sands)
Rp Bonus: 150 xp

Discussion Bonus: up to 200 xp
Adventure log: up to 500 xp

MVP: Frank

Waste land survivor, you were out in the wastes and survived, life out there has taught you a few things. as such you can choose one of the following benifits.

+10% to Outdoorsman

(this is a flat bonus that applies after your current skill like equipment)


A wasteland Companion

Somehow you have capture and trained one of the following:

A Rat
A Wild dog,
A Radroach
A Rad Scorpion
A Gecko

All stat blocks are balanced in some regard, so choose carefully.


Aradesh came to me later that evening and thanked me for the work we’d done under the vault. He gave me some trade goods and pretty much all the ammo we had left in the vault. Telling me he would need my help in the future as an embassador to our group. I thanked him and shared the ammo with Cal, our best shot. Then we took off in search of that water Aradesh had detected.

Outside the vault was the inside of a dark, musty cave. It was filled with rats that we quickly took out without wasting ammo and we quickly found a ladder bringing us up to the surface. The sun, this big ball of fire in the sky was bright and nearly blinded us as we came out but we still noticed a group of large lizard-things not far from us. They noticed us too and as I opened fire. The rest of my “group” started to run away in fear. Cal quickly started firing too and so did the others, after a bit, but my bravery, or foolishness depending on whom you ask, cost me an ass-kicking. We moved on for the rest of the day.

The route was treacherous and and we were ill-prepared. Most of them couldn’t feed themselves out there and while we had found a bit of food outside the vault, we didn’t have any water. I managed to find just a little for myself out there but I neglected Rocko that day, thinking I’d be able to get him some soon. Sadly it didn’t happen that way. 2 days into our trip Rocko collapsed. He was a lot more dehydrated than I thought and he just… died. The wastes are a dangerous place for sure. Not even 2 days out and we’re already dying! I still managed to keep myself in good condition, but the others had more problems.

We had finally made it there. Our pip-boys were beeping in unison, pointing us towards the exact spot. We made it there but couldn’t tell wether there was actually water beneath the surface so we started digging. With our hands pretty much. We had a sizable hole and finally the dirt inside of it started turning darker and wet. We had found water. After a bit more digging with managed to get ourselves a little source going and the spirits were high as we all drank from it. It didn’t stay that way for long.

More sounds came towards us in the darkness of the evening and large scorpions appeared. We shot them up but they were tough and pretty strong, their poison was also pretty deadly, but that part we only figured out later. We eventually took them out but not without a casualty. The robot Mr. Handy had gotten crushed in the scorpion’s pincers. We left the next day after bringing as much water as we could with us.

One night we were camping and were awoken by some skittering sounds coming from all around us. Quickly enough, these instects, mantis creatures I think, were trying to take a bite from us. We all fought, although again the group felt disorganized and the fight could’ve been over a lot quicker. We took the rest of the night to rest and headed on the next day. The rest of the trip was unventful and we made it safely. After thanking us once more, Aradesh took us and the rest of the vault dwellers that were left and we departed for the same place once again.

The path we took this time was a different one, we were walking on some road. We came across some people. Aradesh, worried for the safety of our group, stayed back as me and the usual crew advanced. I was pretty scared to be honest. Our group had shown nothing but an ability to be completely uncoordinated against even the weakest of foes and fighting other people, possibly armed, could not be good for us.

I quickly recognised the lady that came to meet us. She was from the vault herself. She wanted our supplies and wasn’t willing to give anything in exchange, odd for a group of people who used to live by the ancient code of capitalism. I tried to negotiate a peaceful way out of this, apparently angering my teammates who saw some other way out of the situation I didn’t, and still can’t see in my head. but that’s not the point. She didn’t want to let us through without taking our stuff and I wasn’t having that. So they opened on us. We fired back. Only one of them had a gun, that woman, and she ran for cover as soon as the fight broke out.

I took care of one of them that was threatening Cal, my best shooter and honestly the one I trust the most in that bunch, no offense to the others but one cares more about his dog than the rest of us and the other, while good at certain things, I wouldn’t count on to save my life in a firefight. I ran after her, that woman, no way I was letting her get out of this. I chased her, leaving the other 3 to take out the lightly armed punks. Apparently they had problems doing just that, the dog got cut badly and bled out. I took a few bullets myself but I managed to bring that bitch down.

Then Harry came up to her with a knife and was looking pissed. I get that he had lost his dog and wasn’t happy about it but she’s all we got from these people. She could be a source of information or in any case a bargaining chip. Good thing he didn’t touch her. After seeing that even I stuck close to our prisoner, keeping her in my sight and not letting anyone approach her if they seemed to intend to finish her. These people are way too hasty to murder and we haven’t been out a whole week… What happened…

Tom’s journal, entry #3:

It’s been a year since I wrote in this, not sure why. It’s been the busiest year of my life. We’re now wastelanders. Been living in this town the GECK created and Aradesh named it Shady sands. Kind of a weird name if you ask me. People all had jobs, Seth rose to the job of guard leader. I did what I do best, I used my tongue. I spent the year trying to do business for our town whenever a trade caravan went by. Cause yes, we weren’t the only ones out there. There were others that had lived in the waste longer than us, some weren’t even from vaults! Their families had been here since the bombs hit during the war. I learned so much in a year that it’s hard to explain really but the fact is that life out here is different. I do my best to stay smiley and nice but the people out here are harsh and think only of themselves. Making my job really hard when trying to do business with outsiders. Soon I think we’ll have to start going out ourselves and finding other settlements. Buying whatever we can from caravans is one thing but knowing where to go to find the exact supplies we need could be the different between life or death in this world. And I’m not planning on dying.

Session 2

Entry 2
It’s been a rough week (or 2? the days fly be out here) and more and more I worry for the sanity of our group. The tension in the air is really thick and I worry about whats gunna keep us together.

Back at the vault everything was really clear. We left in good spirits towards our objective, squashing rats outside the entrance as we made out way to a ladder to the surface. The Light was blinding, it took a while for everything to become clear..and right away we were charged by a couple of HUGE geckos. As per usual, Tom seemed to think that he was the ‘intelligent’ one, so instead of moving back with the rest of us to gain space and breathing room, he stood there with Rocko like a boss. We all immediately started firing and dispatched the vill critters. Tom moaned at us for failing back and blamed us for his wounds. Jeez. I patched his wounds the best i could and we pressed on.

Fortunately, we found a cache of food on an abandoned truck which was lucky because in our haste to leave the vault we forgot to ask for provisions! Woops. because of this we pressed on with haste, meaning i had no time to keep Handy in top top condition. So, when we were ambushed by rabid dogs, 2 fateful anvils fell and crushed the life out of my beloved friend.

Seriously though!? More fucking anvils. Where the fuck are they coming from!

I salvaged what i could from Handy, and we gave him a hasty burial in a convenient open grave. Rest in peace my friend.

We all did our best to keep each other in tip top shape while the thirst kicked in. Rocko..didn’t make it. And we finally reached to co-ordinates to the joint exclamation of our pip boys.

We dug annnd dug some more. After what seemed an age we hit water! Joining Max and dunk my head straight into the water, drinking more then my fill. Of course, as it became apparent, the wastes wouldn’t allow us this brief moment of peace as the radscorpians attacked. I’m almost outta bullets by this point. Of course, Cal and Tom the two..unstable ones have the ammo. So these encounters did nothing to aid these dire situations.

We returned to Aradesh told him what we found, Cal and Tom continued to be assholes as they tried to extort stuff from Roslo. Much to my and Harry’s disgust. Soo we would provide the forward escort for Aradesh and the group. Because we’re the only ones somewhat experienced to the waste.

Following a ‘highway’ we we’re hailed by a group of wastelanders. Some of the guys recognized the girl named Lucy. She ‘requested’ a bunch of our supplies out of the kindness of our hearts..or else. We tried the diplomatic option, offering trade instead. When i became clear that this was unlikely (even though Tom still attempted peace, all power to him) Lucy and her group attacked. Tom went after and occupied lucy, while the rest of us handled her croonies. After expending the last of my ammo. I hefted my trust wrench and swung with all my might..Smashing the guy full in the face crumpling it to a unrecognizable mess, I lost my shit. After that i continued to chase a relentess bastard tying to stab the shit outta Cal, But Cal had it handled so i turned to see, Max laid out dying and Harry needing some assitance. Long story short, we killed them and knocked out the bitch. We lost Max.

sighs We reached our destination and used the geck which sprang our new home, the town of shady sands.

It’s been a year since then. I’ve found myself on exhibitions and working to keep our stuff ticking over. I manufactured my own leather jacket, providing me some much needed protection..and style. Old faithful has saved my life on numerous occasions…hopefully it’ll continue to do so.
(to be cont.)

Session 2

Cal Barrett Log:
Ever since we escaped from our tin can, I realized that the wastes were a lot more difficult to survive in than I had previously thought. As soon as we left we were attacked by giant rats, that of course poisoned us when they were able to make contact, I hate being poisoned. When we were about half way to the site where water was supposed to be, we made the astute observation that we forgot to bring water, I guess traveling was a new thing to us.

When we made it to the alleged water spot, we started to dig, with whatever we could must, I used my metal pipe. To my surprise there was actually water there, I was so thirsty that I drank it immediately, it tasted pretty nasty, but as they saying goes, beggars cant be choosers. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, a couple of my companions “the softer ones” lost their pets and it hit them pretty hard, judging from the wastes they would not last long anyways.

Our journey back to the vault was pretty uneventful, maybe a rabid dog or two in the way. When we got back to the vault Aradesh was extremely pleased, although he offered us no reward for what we had done, and asked us to do even more for him. I figured it was the only thing to do, I mean the wastes seemed pretty dangerous, so sticking to a large group might be a good idea. We agreed to protect his caravan all the way up to the water spot, where he would use the GECK to create the city.

When we were about half way to the water spot we encountered some people I recognized from the vault, they must have left before us. They asked us to give them supplies for free, I mean how ridiculous is that, they take almost everything from the vault then ask us for our stuff? Needless to say we refused, however we did offer to trade with them for goods, but they were not willing to trade anything. When we refused to give up our stuff they attacked us, it was a pretty strenuous fight, another pet died during it, I was not sad but it seemed like our friendly cola addict was pretty shaken up about it. I am going to stop writing now, I need to help with the GECK process, I will write again when I can.

Hello log, its been awhile, about a year to be exact, I have been pretty busy in the year. I managed to trade Aradesh for a hunting rifle and some ammo for it. I fell in love with rifles as soon as I could get my hands on one, it was like love at first sight. I bring my hunting rifle everywhere, I want to train myself to not have to get close to the fight, and still win it, before they even know it. I don’t have many friends in this new world, other than my rifle, her name is Bessy, and my buddy Tom. While my relationship with Tom is strenuous at times, I still connect with him better than the others, I get a feeling they don’t like the way I do things. Anyway, I will write again when I can, feels good to be out of the can, but I strangely miss it sometimes.

Session 2
Taloswind Taloswind

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